Casa del Violino di Vladimiro Cubanzi


I was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1978. In 2000 I came to Italy to start my studies for becoming a luthier, because I whished to dedicate my working life to my passion which is violinmaking.

During my studies I always kept doing practical training to improve my professional skills and to enrich my experience.
In year 2005 I gained a diploma of a violin maker.
In 2008 I joined the Italian Violin Makers Association (A.L.I.).
In 2009 I joined the Consortium of Violinmakers "Antonio Stradivari" Cremona.

I am a young luthier and I am full of energies. I work following the canons of the Cremonese violinmaking tradition, constructing instruments based on all the principal models which made Cremonese violinmaking famous worldwide.

I construct violins, violas and cellos

I offer ancient valuable instruments and bows for sale

I offer student instruments and bows with accessories for sale

On my website you can find photos of some instruments I’ve made and all the details to come and meet me in person.