Vladimiro Cubanzi was born in the former Soviet Union In 1978 and is a part of the new generation of violin makers. Ever since he was little he has shown a particular interest in music with the help of his family and he attended both compulsory and music school, the latter in the violin and piano section. During this period of time he began to approach violin making and his attention and curiosity , both in his personal and professional path, brought him to Cremona, the world capital of violins, after obtaining a degree in telecommunication engineering and computer science. He consequently attended the violin making school IPIALL A. Stradivari in Cremona under the guidance of masters Alessandro Voltini, Giorgio Scolari and Boris Sverdlik and he was awarded with the title of master violin maker in 2005.

Violin Maker Vladimiro Cubanzi
Violin Maker Vladimiro Cubanzi

He started working and perfecting his construction technique and in 2009 he opened his own workshop in the centre of Cremona. In 2015 he transferred to a violin workshop with a showroom in which violins, violas and cellos are built, following the traditional cremonese canons of construction and the models that made cremonese violin making famous all over the world. In 2008 he joined the Violin Making Association (A.L.I.) and in 2009 he joined the Consortium Makers “Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona. He has participated in many international exhibitions including “Mondomusica” in Cremona, “Musicmesse” in Moscow and “Music China” in Shanghai. He also participated for the first time in the international competition “Triennale” in Cremona. His instruments are appreciated all over the world by world famous musicians and he is very renowned in the violin making business. His workshop exudes pure handicraft and violin making tradition, and you can breathe the joy of a dream come true.

Vladimiro Cubanzi’s workshop is a combination of charm and friendliness, a place where art and handicraft meet and smiles and joyful encounters happen. You can feel the true essence of the art of violin making, full of patience and great passion that is able to imprint to a piece of wood a soul that echoes in the finished instrument. The artisan works for more than 200 hours to build an instrument: moulding and assembling over 70 pieces of wood requires a great skill to apply the correct technique and adjust to the acoustic response of every single piece. Each instrument is a unique piece, and the choice of the wood makes all the difference in the vibration and sound of the instrument. A good violin maker must have great skills to build high quality instruments and must know how to share and pass on his priceless knowledge in order to continue the legacy of the incredible art of violin making.

Casa del Violino Cremona
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